Vision and Mission

The vision of this program is :

In order to facilitate learning, personal growth, and cultural understanding through active participation in an organized service that is conducted based on survey and analysis over the needs of a community to help foster civil responsibility. The program incorporates the academic curriculum and community service.

The missions of this program are :

  • Help students understand that higher education is not an inseparable institution from the community, whose mission is applying science, technology and arts in real life.
  • Provide a learning experience to the students by placing them in the community – where COP is located, to help solving the problems of local development.
  • Increase students intellectual capacity in doing research, analysis and scientific problems solving in building dynamic society.
  • Provide a learning experience for students to be a capable communicator in various social level and cultural background.

With our vision and missions above, we have some goals through this program :

  • To enhance student learning by joining theory with experience and thought with action, so that they can see the relevance of the academic subject to the real world.
  • To develop an environment of a mutually respectful participation among students, faculties, and the communities.
  • To bring students into the reality of societal inadequacies and empower then to find solutions on those.
  • To increase the civic and citizenship awareness and skills of students.
  • To provide cross-cultural experiences for students.
  • To make students better prepared for their carrers/continuing education.