1. COP Mojokerto (International Program); 13 Juli – 3 Agustus (3 minggu)
Registration Fee Rp. 1.500.000
Kuota Peserta : 75 Orang
2. COP Sumba – (International Program); 13 Juli – 3 Agustus (3 minggu)
Registration Fee Rp. 1.500.000 (exclude flight ticket fee)
Kuota Peserta : 40 Orang
3. COP Kota Surabaya – (Regional Program); 23 Januari – 15 Maret
Registration Fee Rp. 1.000.000
Kuota Peserta : 75 orang

Registration Link :

Community Outreach Program 2023 Poster

Our Location

Community Outreach Program (COP) is an inter-discipline educational activity set to give a learning experience to the students by living in the community to give respond to the actual social life & help the community development problems. This program is a part of the curricula for bachelor degree as well as the supporting medium to foster community development.


The Background

The Indonesian Government declared Covid-19 as a national disaster on Saturday, March 14 2020. Covid-19 pandemic has spread all over the world, including Indonesia. As the day goes by, the number of people infected by this virus keeps increasing. Before a cure / vaccine is found, the only way to fight this virus is to keep helping one another and following the health protocol. Apart from the effect that Covid-19 causes in health aspect, this virus also affects other aspects in human life, such as in politic, economy, socio-cultural, even education, especially the process of learning.

The role of every party / organization to help each other in the community is needed, especially the role of academic community of a college / university. The involvement of universities itself was conceived by the Governor of East Java by the help of the Vice Governor to conduct a pandemic themed Community Service Program (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) that was socialized to 20 higher education organization, including Petra Christian University in an online meeting on Thursday, July 16 2020. Petra Christian University, which already has an international Community Service Program, usually called COP (Community Outreach Program), will also take part in this act.

Community Outreach Program 2023 Theme

For COP 2023, we have a theme, that is “Community Development in Covid-19 Pandemic”. This theme cannot be separated seeing the condition of Surabaya City or even the whole world which is currently struggling in the midst of Covid-19 Pandemic. On the other hand, this condition opens up a new chance for some people to care each other and shows sympathy and empathy for other people. We hope this theme engages people who want to help, contribute, and be a blessing for the community in term of handling this pandemic.