Program of COP Kupang

  • Building the Playgroup. Sublele sub-village has one playgroup, yet it is still using a house of a villager. Thus, the program of COP 2017 aimed to help them through the playgroup building and providing the educational facilities.

  • Compost house in Sublele sub-village. In order to maintain the farm and helps the villager to produce their own fertilizer, compost house is built to educate the villager how to produce compost and using it for their farm.

  • Catfish pond in the making. One of the main program of COP 2017 in Kupang is Catfish pond. Participants and villagers are working together in succeeding the program.

  • Playgroup teaching. Participant of COP 2017 are having teaching program with the playgroup children.  They prepared lots of material in a creative way, aims to help the children in having an early-age knowledge.

  • English, Mathematic, and Science are materials that is brought by participants of COP 2017 in Sublele sub-village. They teach at the Junior High School and Senior High School during their two weeks staying at the village.