Program of COP East Java

  • Pipe installation in Gumeng Village. The village has two water tubs, but due to the location, the villagers infrequently uses it. Therefore, COP participants from 2016 until 2017 helps the village by distributing water to houses in the village through pipes.

  •  Making gazebo is the one of the wonderful program done by COP 2017 participants in expectation that young and adults whom doesn’t have any activities in their spare time can use this place to gather, play, read, and do other activities together. Not only that, books are also provided in order to create a reading space as well for the villagers.  

  • Fixing the playground was one of the program done by participant in Sumberjati Village during the COP 2017 program. The volleyball yard is being fixed with cement and any other material, as well as the sports equipment. People can have a better place for doing sports.

  • The main problem mostly in villages is the lack of adequate toilets. Some of the villagers needs to do the wash in their neighbors, even for their personal business they had to do it in the river. Nawangan, one of the village in COP 2017 has also the same problem. Thus, the participants have had built the toilet to provide a good sanitation for the villagers.

  • Street paving in Dilem Village of COP 2017 helping the students to have a better pathway to their classroom. It such a wonderful project so they could have a clean classroom, even in the rainy season. Dilema participant from COP 2017 shown in the picture did the street paving in front of the school.

  • The children of Lebak village are showing their craft called fan stick. A project from Korean participants of COP 2017 aims to improve their creativity and soft skill through some fun and creative project like this.

  • Socialization for public health and sanitation. Participants from South Korea helps the children in giving knowledge about how to brush their teeth. Using creative method of teaching such as role play also give the children Tooth brush and tooth paste.