Location Kupang

  • Sublele is a small district with limited living circumstances. People should pass a rocky road as the entrance to reach this place. The roads and pathways are stony. Moreover, the soil structure in Sillu, one of the sub village, mostly consists of ground limestone. In other word, it contains high lime concentrate. People need two to three hours to reach the Sublele subvillage from the El Tari Airports.
  • Sublele’s population is 210 people, with 74 households. Most of them are graduated from elementary school. However, there are only 20% of the people who have finished their education at Junior or senior high school.

Picture 1 : Sublele Subvillage main street

  • In 2017, COP Kupang location will still be in Sublele. On the first years (2016) COP doing several projects, such as school project, water and sanitation project, solar cell project, fish farm project, organic farm project, and donation project.

Picture 2: Donation from COP 2016

  • Before the coming of COP in 2016, Sublele has no street lights because the electricity has not been established yet.  Only several houses possess electricity, which were built using “solar cell” system for government business. In 2016, COP program contributed to install 15 sets of street light in Sublele. Sublele still needs some light because some of area still have no light.

Picture 3 : COP 2016 instal street light solar cell in Sublele

  • Sublele subvillege is a farming area. Most of the villagers work as farmers. They plant vegetables, fruit, and rice for their living. Just a few people sell their farm product. However, the soil is fertile and fruitful. Among all the area, only small part considered as productive. In 2016, COP participants with the villagers, successfully plant vegetables as a pilot project.

Picture 4: COP 2016 Farming Project

  • In general, Sublele is quite clean and nice place to live. People live at their non-permanent house with a simple sanitary facility. Among the 74 households, there are only 30 households which have sanitary facility. Through COP 2016, participant and villager built 4 units public toilet in Sublele.


Picture 5 : Sublele sanitary before COP 2016 (left) and Sanitary after COP2016 (right)

  • Sublele has two water springs. One of them dried due to the summer season. The existing spring has swift debit. The water from this spring flow away to the downstream. This water will be distributed through water reservoir. People will go to that reservoir to fulfill water for their daily needs. Unfortunately, some villagers have to walk for a distance because their home is too far from the water reservoir. The 2016 COP participants tried to use the water that flow to downstream to build a fish farm. Working with the community, COP participants built a fish pond.

Picture 6: Water Spring (left) and fish ponds (Right)

  • There are three school buildings in Sublele. The first one is SD 1 Sublele (Elementary School), which established by the government. This building is permanent. The other schools are private schools, namely SMP (junior high school) Swasta Nusa Timor I and SMA (senior high school) Swasta Nusa Timor 1, which buildings are not permanent. The condition of both private schools are not appropriate. Student cannot study at both schools when the rain come because the roof is not strong enough to cover the house from rainy season. In dry season, students have to bring the water from their own houses to school every day. They use the water to clean the dust on the classroom floor. For this case, COP 2016 has built three permanent classrooms for Nusa Timor 1 Junior High School. The need left for the Senior High School, which still use the nonpermanent classroom.

Picture 7: School before COP 2016 and after COP 2016

  • Phone signal is available through only one provider. Nevertheless, the internet performance is very low.