Location East Java


  •  Mojokerto is located 40 km southwest of Surabaya (around one and a half hour drive). Mojokerto is located between 7.33 South Latitude and 112.28 East Longitude. Mojokerto is a regency in East Java province. It constitutes one of the component units of the Surabaya metropolitan area .
  • The population of the Regency was 908,004 in 2000, but had risen to 1,143,747 in 2012 (source: BPS Mojokerto Regency).

  • It has big river named Brantas River. Farmers dominate the societies. Many of them earn their living as small farmers and craftsmen. Generally, Mojokerto can be divided into 18 districts. Mojokerto is the only area in East Java that has the smallest area with high population density. The administrative capital is the city of Mojokerto.

  • The history of the Government of Mojokerto regency has a strong relation with the history of Mojopahit Kingdom. Mojokerto regency was the center of goverment of Mojopahit. The evidences still remain which can be found from naming such as Prajurit Kulon, Magersari, Suronatan, Sentanan, etc
  • For many years, the history of Mojopahit was under the Netherlands colonization. Based on the decision of Dutch governor, J. Van Limburgstirumon 20 June 1918(Staatblad Numbers 324in 1918) Mojokerto regency was formed as Menthe stage. Then at Japanese invasion, Mojokerto regency had a status as sidi.
  • Mojokerto was the government center of the whole nation area. So that, many temples had been found in this area, especially in Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency.Beside Trowulan tourism area, there are also many interesting places to be visited .